Still looking for the ride of my life #23mobilethings

I really wanted to go back in time and ride in a horse and cart. I tried so hard to find one that would take me on the ride of my life but in the end I  was disappointed.

Historypin frustrated me no end. I wanted to go back in time whilst wandering the main street. I wanted to pin Rangiora photos from DigitalNZ. I wanted to search for horse and cart photos from around the world and create a collection. I wanted to create a walking tour comparing the old with the new. But I couldn’t. There aren’t any photos of Rangiora on Historypin.  I don’t have a historical images collection (and nor does my library) so uploading a current photo just seems pointless.

This could be the perfect opportunity to put Rangiora on the Historypin map. Go right ahead, I won’t mind.

But Megan what I really want to know is would you want to set the world on fire one birthday candle at a time or douse the cake with alcohol, flick the match and run like you have never run before?


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