Is it worth switching? #23mobilethings

Last week when Megan asked me to find an alternative to Skype or Google+ Hangouts especially open source alternatives my first and second reaction was ‘don’t wanna’. But being the good librarian that I am I did some searching and found a whole heap of open source alternatives and I wondered why I hadn’t come across them before.

I realised that it doesn’t matter whether there are communication app alternatives to Skype and Google+ hangouts because first of all you have to convince your mates it’s worth switching to make whatever the alternative is worthwhile. And in my world, that isn’t going to be easy. This of course is the dilemma that many libraries face – switching to the library means it has to be better than the alternatives. Some people, like me in my ignorance of open source comms, won’t even realise there is an alternative.

Megan, Thing 8: calendar is next up; so does your schedule rule you or are you the master of the beast?


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