Sharing #23MobileThings

Oh Sally, you always throw me the curly questions … last week you asked me, would I rather join the dots or be a bit more creative?

So I challenged myself to guess which #23MobileThings this question could possibly relate to. I came up a total blank until I looked up the list! Thing 10 = Social reading.

In all honesty, it’s not the terminology that I would’ve used, but when I delved a bit more, this topic really *is* all about reading made social. It’s about sharing what you are reading, and broadening the conversation about your reading with others.

For me there’s two aspects to this, the collation of my reading, and then the sharing of my reading. Instead of verbally telling a distinct & select group of others about my reading, for example “Oh you have to read this, it changed my life” with friends, or “This article made me think about how we could implement a new team model” with colleagues, using mobile technology encourages wider sharing & initiating conversations with a loosely connected web of people about my reading. Sparking ideas & connecting the dots.

Flipboard on my tablet is key to collating my news & info feeds. I’m experimenting with as an alternative to Google Reader. I tend to use Twitter for sharing. I like that some of the people I follow for news & interesting things use different tools for sharing their reading – here’s some examples of Scoop.It and I haven’t had a proper play with either tool yet, so am appreciative that others are leading the way!

So back to Sally, will you be wearing rose tinted glasses or seeing the future through the looking glass à la Alice in Wonderland?


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