Guessing games #23mobilethings

So, gaming on mobile devices. Sally asked me, do you play nice with others or are you miss-understood?

I have been somewhat slow to add games to my mobile device, as I know that I can lose hours & hours to Solitaire & Bejeweled. It’s bad enough to lose hours & hours to wandering on the corridors of the interweb, let alone chasing dazzling jewels across the screen.

However, what I do enjoy is the social aspect of games on mobile devices – such as Draw Something, Scrabble and 4 Pics 1 word. I enjoy being able to challenge friends who are in other places & timezones, and even different hemispheres. I enjoy the social-ness as it feels like we keep in touch through these games, playing with some chat as well. And being able to do that on the move, means we can have fast, furious games as well as slow-burning competitions as well.

So, it turns out that I do play nice with others 😉

My return volley to Sally, is it really you online or is it all just an illusion? Which online identity speaks your truth? Are you in fact Trinity online?


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