Moving to the beat #23mobilethings

This is hands down my favourite topic so far for #23Mobilethings. The transformation of portable music across a range of technologies has had a big impact on my life.

I longed for my first Walkman© when I was a teenager, desperately saving up to have my own portable music machine. I eventually format-shifted to a Discman©. Then received an iPod© as a birthday gift a few years ago. I marvelled at the time that the my 60GB iPod was technically bigger but physically smaller than my 30GB laptop of the time. “A world of music in my pocket” was a pivotal light bulb moment for me. At present, I don’t own a TV or a radio & my car stereo only plays CDs, so my tablet & my laptop & my iPod are all technologies that allow me to connect, discover, share, collaborate, and these technologies are my current source of all things musical.

I’ve played around with a few different services for mobile music, but my current choice is Pandora. Cue up an artist, listen along, rate songs, and subsequently discover new ones. I don’t mind the adverts in the free version, I find it less intrusive than commercial free-to-air radio. I also love being able to live-stream different radio stations from all over the globe. The days of listening to crackly BBC Worldservice broadcasting over an old wireless are over folks. Well, as long as you have an internet connection that is. I don’t ever need to think about my answers to “Desert Island Discs” again, because it’ll be there in my pocket.

In terms of libraries, I am actually not a fan of libraries creating their own playlist, stations, or whatever else they decide to do. I don’t think it is sustainable as we never actually support staff with enough time or energy to curate interesting services like this very well. I think the real value of mobile music opportunities is showing people how to do it, where to do, and letting them loose to create their own playlists, connecting with other lovers of similar music. So, what if … we ditched *all* our music budgets (get rid of the old technology) and moved those $$ into supporting staff to demonstrating how to find all of the music elsewhere?

So while I discover more cool music, I am lobbing the conversation back to Sally, talk to me.


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