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When oppositional forces collide, something different emerges from the chaos and the result is both beautiful and ugly. The power of acceptance when confronted with something different is exciting for it allows us to see and feel and experience the world in another way.

We’ve been intrigued and inspired by Anthony Howe’s Octo, unravelling our reactions to the experience behind his creation.

We’ve learnt to embrace the confluence of hard and soft, of harmony and discord. We’ve grown to celebrate the subjective, creating something new from disparate things.

My awkward becomes your elegant. Your weakness becomes my strength. My ugly becomes your beauty.

We are mesmerised by the unknown. We are frightened by the unexplained. We are challenged by the uncomfortable.

But despite all of this.

We willingly step into the risk of not knowing before we try, allowing vulnerability to propel us instead of paralyzing us. We willingly seek out the challenge of the unknown, for everything in our lives was unknown once. We willingly find a way to navigate the journey, without knowing the destination.

We seek hope amidst anger and pain and frustration.
We seek vulnerability amidst dread and reluctance and fear.
We seek acceptance amidst rage and despair and hurt.

Art and Science. Individual and Collective. Owned and Borrowed.

It’s not about understanding the either/or, it’s about accepting both.

It is Consilience. 


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