Reality Librarianship 2013

Heroes Mingle presents Reality Librarianship : Community Partnerships – a series of free virtual professional development events for library staff.

Join Heroes Mingle as we discuss successful community partnerships in New Zealand. Over four Tuesday evening sessions (7.30pm – 8.15pm) in June & July 2013 :

  • We’ll introduce you to New Zealand Librarians who put ideas into action.
  • They’ll share the successful partnerships they’ve developed with & for their communities.
  • They’ll discuss how they made it happen, how they overcame challenges and how they celebrated the unexpected rewards.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to ask the questions you’ve been searching for answers on.

Sometimes geography & finances can impact on your staff development opportunities, so we’ve developed this series so that anyone, anywhere can choose to join in. You need internet broadband access and a computer – test your technology using the RL 2013 attendee helpsheet.

These sessions will fill fast, so register now before it’s too late.

June 11th  Community Centred Learning – the chalkle° experience  Jo Ransom Te Takere Horowhenua Culture & Community Centre

In May 2013, chalkle° arrived in Horowhenua. “Connecting people who want to learn with people who want to teach” underpins the chalkle° experience – local experts sharing  knowledge with locals. Community-driven library experiences is the heart of Te Takere, with district library services managed by Te Horowhenua Trust, working in partnership with the Horowhenua District Council, and a range of community intiatives, including Kete Horowhenua. We’ll discuss the philosophy & practicality behind open source learning.

Register for this event. Test your technology for this event using the RL 2013 attendee helpsheet.

June 18th  Law for Lunch  Celia Lillis Customer Service Team Member & Rebecca Chilton Customer Specialist Wellington City Libraries

Wellington City Libraries have been working in partnership with the Community Law Centre since 2007 to offer free lunchtime talks on a range of law topics. Join us as we discuss what goes on behind the scenes to attract over 50 people each week.

Register for this event. Test your technology for this event using the RL 2013 attendee helpsheet.

June 25th  Linking the public library and school Paula Eskett Programme Advisor – Learning Futures, Services to Schools, National Library of New Zealand

Riccarton High School partners with Christchurch City Libraries in New Zealand’s largest urban, School / Community joint use library. The successes of this library, and the enthusiasm with which staff and students embrace all it can offer, have created exciting chances to incorporate new projects linking the library and school.  Join us as we discuss how this partnership is about a lot more than co-location.

Register for this event. Test your technology for this event using the RL 2013 attendee helpsheet.

July 2nd  Who’s afraid of Wikipedia in the classroom?  Sara Roberts University of Canterbury

In 2011 & 2012, Sara Roberts & a UC School of Law colleague used Wikipedia as part of 3rd year coursework. Students were actively involved in creating, updating & editing Wikipedia articles in specialist subject areas, contributing to the professional body of knowledge and strengthening their information literacy skills. We’ll discuss the challenges & rewards of using Wikipedia in the classroom.

Register for this event. Test your technology for this event using the RL 2013 attendee helpsheet.


27 thoughts on “Reality Librarianship 2013

  1. sengaw

    Hey Guys
    I’m super keen on hearing the last session Who’s Afraid of Wikipedia in the Classroom but unfortunately I know I won’t be available that evening. Do you plan on recording the sessions this year so we can listen to them later?

    1. megingle Post author

      Kia ora Senga. We consciously decided not to record the sessions, like last year, to encourage people to turn up & participate on the night. We are aware that that the dates/times won’t work for everyone, and we’re sorry that you won’t be able to make this particular session. Another reason is this year the webinar software that we use ( has introduced charges for the recording feature, and we’re not in a position to pay for that service. We’ll encourage others to live-tweet the session, and there might even be some folks who’d like to blog about it as well. Megan

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