RFID: Sales Spin Or Customer Win?

By Sally Pewhairangi.

Last Thursday Megan Ingle, Sean Murgatroyd and I held our first Reality Librarianship event.

When Megan and I started developing these ideas in the beginning of March 2012 (just three months ago) we wanted:

  • to offer professional development opportunities for library staff based on discussions rather than presentations.
  • learning to occur through participation and conversations; to share the knowledge and expertise of the group.

For our first event ‘RFID: Sales Spin or Customer Service Win?‘ I interviewed Debbie Duncan, Library Manager, Upper Hutt City Library about her experience with RFID. Participants were encouraged to send in questions via chat (typing) and these questions became ‘the interview’ as the event (only 30 minutes in length) progressed.

From the brief data shown below, I think ‘buzzing’ is a fair description. :)