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Curation #23MobileThings

Sally asked me which role do you identify most strongly with: creator, contributor or collector?

I had a slight identity crisis over this question.

My immediate response was “oh that’s easy, I’m a …“, at which point I had to stop & reflect on what each role means to me. I am all of three roles.

All three roles can be individual or collaborative. All three roles can be private or public.

The key differences for me actually came down to mobility.

Collector – I capture lots of ideas & tag resources on the fly. I tend to use my tablet as my collection point, marking things to read later, to browse later, to re-use later. I use bookmarks, Evernote, as well as other cloud-based services. Most of what I collect is kept private. I usually use my mobile device for this.

Contributor – I share things on the fly & contribute to the wider body of knowledge (or just the general hubbub of interweb chatter if I am totally truthful!), and it can be either on my mobile device or my laptop (does a laptop count as a clunky mobile device … or an oldschool mobile device … well, not really).

Creator – It is a rare day that I use my mobile device to create content. In fact, it would be a never happening thing. It find that my creation moments need more reflection, a bigger screen, and a different layout, which has to take place for me on a computer (aka a non-mobile device).

So I play all roles, but the technology does determine what I am doing, how I am doing it, and often where & when I am doing it. Mobile devices have definitely changed the way these roles play out for me.

Back to you Sally. Is an Adobe ID useful for anything other than ebooks?