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Living in the cloud. Yeah right. #23mobilethings

Last week Megan asked find it, collect it, keep it, cite it, share it – how does it suit you to be living in the cloud?

  • I’m curious and like to see what happens when I poke, prod, push or play. I’m always looking and exploring in everything I do whether that’s talking with others, reading, or browsing online. Do I ‘find it‘? Yes, all the time.
  • When I was a kid I used to collect stamps. Not because I liked stamps but because I liked imagining the stories that these stamps told; of the country they came from, the person who purchased them, and the parcel or letter they were affixed to. Do I ‘collect it‘? YES. I collect stories and connections – books, notebooks, newsprint, post-its, Pocket and Evernote.
  • As you may have noticed, I prefer paper-based keeping methods. I find it easier to connect content to each other (and visually see those connections) and I can use the page in anyway I want – colour, shapes, doodles etc. I don’t keep everything on Pocket or Evernote because they are so linear and it’s difficult to connect one story to the next. Tagging content is laborious when it would be so much easier just to draw lines between connected content.  Do I ‘keep it’? I’m definitely a keeper 🙂 But I do struggle with online keeping methods.
  • Do I ‘cite it‘? Rarely. The last time I wanted to cite something I asked a friend if they’d do it for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong advocate for acknowledging sources, but I can’t be bothered with formatting them according to some pedantic rules.
  • Sharing is what I do. What’s the point of finding, collecting, and keeping if you don’t share?

Although I often dream of blue skies and sunny days, I’m firmly tethered to Mother Earth and all her riches. I don’t live in the cloud but I do visit regularly.

A question for you Megan, Is time your master, or are you a master of your time?