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No more fat fingers #23mobilethings

Last week Megan asked me to talk to her. I would have thought she’d had enough of my incoherent blather to last a lifetime. But apparently not. 🙂

Google Voice Search is pretty cool. It can search the web, send emails and texts, and get directions. And it gets it mostly right. Mostly, except with Te Reo Maori which is used quite a lot when you live in New Zealand. Searching for my place of work caused a bit of a giggle.

Waimakariri Library = way my kitty the library
Rangiora Library – running or a library

I also played with Assistant – Your very own customizable Assistant awaits your commands – answering your questions, performing tasks, notifying you about important events, and making your daily routine easier (and, often, more fun along the way).

Assistant was quite groovy for the first hour in which I customised the avatar (female named Sam), searched Google, tested her general knowledge, and voiced a couple of tweets instead of typing them. But after that Sam started annoying me. I’ve been busy learning some new games, trivia, and quizzes that I’m able to offer you from time to time. I like to call them Mental Push-ups. How’d you like to give your brain a little exercise right now? Or perhaps I’d like to add my friends birthday’s into her reminder calendar so I’ll never miss them again. Or perhaps I could speak to her more frequently so she can learn my patterns of speech. Enough already!

 I can see the potential for library customers who stab touch screens ineffectively, or who are tired of enlarging the screen to read it more easily, or just have fat fingers and hit multiple keys at once. But it takes a lot of patience and I’m not sure how many would persevere.

So Megan, guess what? We’ve nearly finished #23mobilethings. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and how much I’ve learnt. Next week is Thing 22; so I’ll ask you what apps do you use to access library content?