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What we have learned so far #nls7

Heroes Mingle began with an itch. We had a problem we wanted to solve. The choices we made and the paths we took were based on what interested us.

We weren’t trying to solve big, hairy, scary problems. We weren’t trying to please or imitate others. We were trying to solve our problem; that is to create professional development opportunities that excited US. We were the experts of our problem and ultimately the arbiters of our success. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, think about how you can scratch YOUR itches.

Own your journey. Be curious, creative and courageous. Think about what can go wrong and what can go right. Don’t succumb to the imposter syndrome and feel that others will out you for a fraud. Despite how you might feel, your perspective is valuable. Take advantage of the skills and experiences you do have to scratch your itch.

Being courageous is hard. Every now and again we need a wee nudge or a bit of reassurance. We have found these books have given us that nudge when we have needed one.

Set you own agenda and make something, just one small teeny tiny something happen. Contrary to popular opinion, small is just as good as big if not better. Because small is flexible, adaptable and controllable. Celebrate small successes! Maybe no-one else will notice. Maybe you don’t want anyone else to notice. It doesn’t matter. It’s your journey and no one else’s.

Whatever you do or don’t do, it is your choice. It is your legacy. Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to make the change you want to see. Do something that matters. We know you can.


NLS7 – Heroes Mingle announced as Keynote Speakers

We’re very excited to share our news … we will be Keynote Speakers at NLS7.

Yes indeed, that does read Keynote Speakers!  We’re so looking forward to being part of NLS7 this year. So just what is this event, NLS7?

NLS = New Librarians’ Symposium. It is an ALIA event, held in Australia every 2 years, and 2015 will be the 7th event.

It is an inclusive and dynamic professional development opportunity, geared towards students, New Grads, New Professionals, but everyone is welcome. This year’s event is jointly convened by the ALIA Sydney Group and the ALIA NSW New Grads Group.

Heroes Mingle attended the last event, NLS6, in Brisbane. While there was a record number of New Zealanders in 2013 (the most ever in fact), there was still less than a dozen Kiwis in the audience. We’re hoping for even more New Zealand attendees this time around.

Encourage your staff, colleagues and peers to join us in Sydney in July 2015. It’s going to be an unforgettable 3 days filled with passionate speakers, enthusiastic people, and interesting workshops & tours. Oh, and did we mention that there’s several fantastic Keynote Speakers already announced (and more to come!).

Registrations for NLS7 are now open. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.