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Clocking up achievements #23mobilethings

So last week, Sally asked me, is time your master, or are you a master of your time?

In reality, I could have titled this post – the art of life hacking using mobile technology.

While I don’t currently my mobile device for tracking productivity on project based work, at least not yet, I’m liking the concept of using mobile tech for life hacking instead.

I’ve previously used the Pomodoro technique (using the free pomodroido app) as a way to focus my professional development reading – after I read about it on LifeHacker.com. Periods of focussed concentration followed by regular short breaks. Works for me. I’m also using the app while I write this blog post. In a library context, I could see this type of productivity app used in an unconference setting, or in a team exercise identifying & implementing solutions, or perhaps to create time limits for holiday programme events.

I’m also a fan of the paper version of the Action Method from Behance, so am going to give the mobile version a go to see if I find it just as user-friendly & effective. It’ll be an interesting exercise to switch from my paper experience to a mobile solution.

What I am curious & intrigued about, in a world that seems increasingly focussed on multi-tasking & hyper-productivity, is the rise of new devices that aren’t smart phones or tablets, for example, FitBit and UP by Jawbone. While smart phones can be used to manage the whole of people’s lives, using an ever-expanding range of apps, there are still plenty of users out there who favour a single focus device, such as a dedicated SLR camera over a smart phone camera, or a FitBit over the RunKeeper smart phone app.

Am I slave to the clock? No, but the tick tock of a clock can be a useful tool to make me focus!

Over to Sally, back to the clouds for you, convince me that file sharing is the only way forward. What would Trinity do?