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Chalkle° provides libraries with community engagement metrics

Last night we held the first Reality Librarianship 2013 event with Jo Ransom from Te Takere sharing her views on Community Centred Learning – the chalkle° experience.

Here are five truths Jo reinforced for me:

Truth #1: Life-long learning is a core business of libraries.
Truth #2: Libraries are at the heart of the community they serve.
Truth #3: Libraries are facilitators of knowledge.
Truth #4: Chalkle° enables the community to come together to share and/or learn knowledge.
Truth #5: Te Takere is leading the way in New Zealand libraries with the facilitation of community education and knowledge.

I’m not going to go into the details of the session as Abigail Willemse has already blogged a summary and there is also a storify of the twitter chat from last night. What I do want to do is briefly highlight two aspects that resonated with me.

1. The education landscape is changing. The traditional models of teachers, students, classroom and learning are all changing. The beauty of Chalkle° is that anyone can be a teacher, anyone can be a student, and learning doesn’t have to occur in a classroom setting.

For example: A Chinese language Chalkle° class in Wellington meets at the train station, a cafe, and the vege market to learn and practice their Chinese. Another example is of a 15 year old boy who has signed up to teach juggling classes so he can have other kids in Levin to juggle with. Chalkle° classes can happen anywhere by anyone. Te Takere acts as the hub connecting them all.

2. Chalkle° provides libraries with community engagement metrics. We all know that statistics such as how many times an item has been borrowed or how many kids turn up to storytime are easy to gather but they don’t give a complete picture of how libraries meet community needs. Te Takere has only been facilitating Chalkle° classes for six weeks but the response from the community has been huge. There are many local people who are willing to share what they know, and there are many others wanting to learn. Community engagement stories and statistics galore!

Chalkle° ticks all the community and education boxes that will make a library’s funding body happy. The next step for me is to find out how I can make it happen in my community.  ‘The boss won’t let me’ will not be a valid excuse.

Thank you Jo for sharing your experiences of this exciting community partnership.

We have three more community partnership events coming up. Next week Celia Lillis and Rebecca Chilton will share how Wellington City Libraries have been working in partnership with the Community Law Centre since 2007 to offer free lunchtime talks on a range of law topics. We’d love you to join us as we discuss what goes on behind the scenes to attract over 50 people each week. Learn more.