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42 is the answer #23mobilethings

So last week, Sally said that what she really wants to know is – would I want to set the world on fire one birthday candle at a time or douse the cake with alcohol, flick the match and run like I have never run before?

I am not a slow burn kind of person, so it’d have to be douse, light it up & run!

I took a mooch around YouTube to see if there was anyone who’d ever filmed themselves setting a birthday cake alight, and well, what do you know, there’s plenty of folks who’ve chosen to share their efforts. I really enjoyed 80 yr old Nana’s efforts to put out the fire, a paper plate fanning the flames instead of putting it out. Nice try!

There’s plenty of video options out there on the web, and I see plenty of libraries putting their videos online – my recent favourite has to be Invercargill Library’s Towel Day celebration (via @motherofwinter). I’m curious to see how libraries are using Vine and also to see where it will develop from here.

My challenge to Sally is : find me an alternative to Skype or Google+ Hangouts. Any Open Source communication channels out there worth checking out for #libraryland?