Who is Heroes Mingle?

Together Sally Pewhairangi (@sallyheroes) and Megan Ingle (@megingle) have developed Heroes Mingle – a collaborative partnership to make things happen.

In 2012, Heroes Mingle developed the Reality Librarianship speaker series in response to the library community’s need for different staff development opportunities, with a strong “how to make it happen” flavour.

In 2013, Heroes Mingle delivered another Reality Librarianship speaker series, presented at NLS6 & Lib 2.013, and explored 23 Mobile Things.

In 2014, Heroes Mingle published 2 editions of weve.

In 2015, Heroes Mingle presented a keynote at NLS7, and published a 3rd edition of weve.

In 2016, Heroes Mingle published a 4th edition of weve.


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