Awesome ebooks … we’re not quite there yet #23mobilethings

So Sally thought she’d throw me this question : what would it take for me to say ‘Awesome!’ when borrowing ebooks?

Oh, how I long for the day when my reaction to ebooks is enthusiastic enough to say “Awesome!”. Unfortunately I don’t currently find the whole process of ebooks anywhere near awesome. I love the concept of ebooks, reading them on my own device. But I hate the reality of multiple platforms, multiple accounts, triple click processes, Adobe IDs, single vs multiple users. Ugh. I get that it is about making money for vendors, “my platform is better than your platform”, but from a customers perspective, the majority of ebook platforms are clunky.

So what do I want from ebooks?

I want one click. I want all ebooks to work on *my* device. I want to pay for it all using one account. I want an easy solution. I want easy access, easy payment, easy reading ebooks.

So, what would it take? Probably an app that doesn’t yet exist.

I’d like to be able to load all of my accounts onto my device – this is my Amazon account, this is my library account, this is my Kobo account, etc – and then I would use ONE app to browse the collections that I have access to, and I could have ONE platform that I could buy/borrow from, and ONE payment interface to deal with.

To end this post on a happy note though, I do want to however do a shout out for an independent ebook vendor – The Robot Trading Company – because they have books by authors that I want to read, their ebooks are DRM free and I have never sworn with frustration when I have bought a book through them. That’s as close to “awesome” as I have been able to get with ebooks so far.

Voila, back to Sally: find it, collect it, keep it, cite it, share it – how does it suit you to be living in the cloud?


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