Heroes Mingle tells all

On Saturday 19 October at 7pm NZT, we’re taking Heroes Mingle to the world – Heroes Mingle goes global! Megan and I will be the only NZ librarians presenting at Library 2.0: the future of libraries in the digital age – our session focuses on our philosophy, the technological tools we’ve used and the lessons we’ve learned by taking control of our own professional development pathway.

Library 2.0 is a free, fully online, totally virtual conference. We’d we’d love it if you could come to our presentation which precedes Gene Tan’s keynote. Depending on your time zone this could be:

New Zealand Saturday 19 October, 7pm
US Pacific Daylight Time Friday 18 October, 11pm
US Eastern Daylight Time Saturday 19 October, 2am
Brisbane Saturday 19 October, 4pm
London Saturday 19 October, 7am

You don’t need to register for the conference, all you have to do is find our session (Creating the professional development opportunities you want) in your time zone, click on it to expand the information and you’ll find a link to the session the day before the conference begins.

Join us and learn key strategies to beginning your own professional development journey.


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