Who has the guts to make something happen?

Joe Murphy, Director, Library Futures with Innovative Interfaces writes:

The Heroes Mingle partnership story started from the question “who has the guts to make something happen” to address staff development and improving visibility with stakeholders.

Of note is that it started with a problem not a solution, a question to explore and the energy to invest because it started with what they are excited about. This is a central theme – be guided by your interest and pivot or pass when that interest evaporates.

The goal was to influence other individual librarians to take their own professional development journey instead of trying solely to influence HR and our associations. To start and continue your own journey. Self empowerment, accountability, and authority for own destiny.

Read the full article on Joe’s website: “Librarians as heroic characters – New Zealand Librarian Sally Pewhairangi inspiring us to dream“.


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